In the Dogz House
Experience Award Winning Dog Grooming


Sparking conversations, bringing smiles and inspiring the imagination, with a vision that cannot be taught, and must be personally experienced.


Harnessing creativity and perfecting the craft with practical experience, while building on it year after year.


Ever-advancing our skills and perspective by attending multiple trade shows per year and engaging in international competitions.


Seeing what other groomers won't and crafting each individual dog's appearance by using an artist's eye.

Creative Grooming Deb Compton Cheetah Dog

Like what you see?

View our gallery. Then, let our scissors create your dog's new look. 

About In the Dogz House

We are a top rated, international award winning, full  service grooming

salon, in Madison,  servicing the Fitchburg, Madison, Verona,  Oregon and

Middleton communities.
We provide dog grooming services to all  dog breeds. Whether it's grooming a  poodle for show, bathing a chihuahua or  turning your dog into a zebra, our team of  highly-skilled dog groomers will  take care of your dogz individual needs.

Nail Trimming
Anal Sacs

Creative Dog Grooming Deb Compton Cheetah Dog

Services Include:

Bath and Blow Dry          Full Professional Groom

Ear Cleaning

10 Point Grooming Check